Engagement Session. Tom & Mica.

As the new year is settling into place and work life resumes back to normality, we are beginning to think about what direction we want Mos & Maw to be heading in. 2018 was a year of development and design for our new brand and we know 2019 is going to be the year we take off. One thing we have been thinking about is our packages. It’s a tricky thing trying to decide on things like pricing and hourly rates, especially as a new business but we think we finally have it down to a T (take a look at our packages page if you’re feeling nosey).

One thing that has become obvious to us, is that an engagement shoot prior to the wedding is almost essential. The way we work requires a relationship and bond between us and our couples and being able to shoot them at least once before their big day can make a huge difference to their confidence in front of the camera!

This was something we tried and tested on Tom & Mica, a now husband and wife that tied the knot in November last year. Tom knew he would hate having his photo taken and Mica wanted to scout their venue location for shots on the wedding day. We wrapped up, packed some sparklers and walked down onto Carbis Bay beach. The time of year meant the beach was almost entirely ours and we were able to wonder around and shoot as we pleased. Mica showed me the cave she knew she wants portraits taken in on the big day and her and Tom shared a moment there will we quietly photographed them and their surroundings.

Once we’d got some really romantic shots and practiced being in front of the camera, we walked around laughing and talking about the final day. Hearing stories about how they met, their traditions and plans we casually snapped away at the two of them. It felt very natural and really special to be able to quietly capture the obvious excitement and love they have for each other!

Finally we got out the sparklers. They both knew a sparkler photo would be really special on the day so we practiced some shots with just the two of them, and god it was so worth it! Not only did the practice photos turn out lovely, but the final shots on the day were amazing!

Overall we can’t wait to do more couple and engagement shoots like this in the coming year. Wether it’s something they decide to book themselves as a way of having images to keep forever, or as a gift from someone wanting to give them quality time, it’s always a very special way to spend a few hours.