Wedding Package SALE.

January has a reputation for being a bit naff. The excitement of Christmas and the new year has gone, the weather is bleek and everyone and their dog seems to have a cold. Our expectations for the month weren’t the highest. But, much to our surprise we had more work than expected. With brands and companies embracing the new year and wanting fresh updated imagery, we have had our fair share of business content shoots to keep us busy.

February however is looking even less exciting. There is no new year buzz, no enthusiasm for new years resolutions and quiet frankly the weather is looking worse than January. Even the January sales have ended.

We’ve decided its time to do something to make February a little more enjoyable. Nothing gets the mood heightened like a good bargain, and so with this in mind we have dramatically reduced our wedding package for a limited time.

Our prices were good anyway, with two photographers shooting both film and digital. But if you weren’t impressed before, you will be now. All three packages have almost halved in price. Making everything well under the thousand pound mark you so often see single working photographers exceeding.

As of today, if you choose us to document your wedding day, regardless what package you choose, you will receive;

Two photographers. A male (Jack) and a female (Emma) point of view. One photographer to follow the bride and one to follow the groom. No one has to miss out on beautiful getting ready photos. There is no deciding on what shots to prioritise, because the likely hood is we can capture them all. Two sets of eyes on any event will capture a more true to life documentation than one. All packages include a USB with edited digital photographs, (all provided in both colour and black and white) along with a selection of our favourite images as 5x7 prints. Package two & three offer a Polaroid and 35mm Film extra that allows us to capture your day in a unique and romantic day, using traditional photography techniques. Our packages are designed to be unique and personal to your individual needs.

The Tin Package

Was £800 NOW £375

The Tin package is our simplest. For couples that only want the ceremony documented with the freedom to party the rest of the day away, this package offers photography during the ceremony, with the added bonus of a small selection of group photos and a 20 minute couples session.

The Copper Package

Was £1250 NOW £650

The Copper package gives you our undevided attention from your ceremony to your first dance. This package is perfect for couples that want all the main events of the day documented. This also includes up to 10 original polaroid prints created in the moment as your wedding day takes place.

The Diamond Package

Was £1500 NOW £900

Couples that decide to go with our diamond package will have every detail and moment from their day captured. Jack will follow the groom and Emma will follow the bride as they get ready and prepare for the ceremony. All main events including first looks, first kiss, cake cutting & first dance will be documented from two points of view. Capturing both the moments between bride and groom and the reactions of family and friends. This package will keep us with you until the dance floor is full. We also provide up to 20 original polaroid prints plus a roll of 35mm film for that added authentic touch.