Goonhilly and Cherry Pickers.

We had the very unique opportunity to head down to Goonhilly Satellite station down near Helston and get an inside look of the work that goes behind the scenes.

Cornwall Erecting Services ( invited us to capture their restoration work on one of the satellites.

Emma was initially asked if she wanted this opportunity, however, Emma’s not the biggest fan of heights. So when being hauled up 200ft on a cherry picker was mentioned she had to politely decline… I (Jack) kinda love heights and was pretty excited to be given this platform (literally) to get up close to the satellites.

Shooting on the ground initially to encapsulate the sense of scale we were hollered at by what tunes out to be the manager saying;

“OI EXCUSE ME!, CAN YOU PLEASE GET OUT OF THERE” We had forgotten to bring our high vis ( a trick my old lecturer taught us. If you pop on a high vis, and look like you know what you’re doing, no body will question you). We obviously had permission and didn’t need the high vis, but any students looking to photograph areas difficult to get access to… theres a trick of the trade!

Anyway, once we explained that we were with Cornwall Erecting Services he couldn’t have been nicer and more apologetic. He explained to us what the next few years have in store for Goonhilly. He told us that one of the others is going to be the first privately owned deep space telescope, whilst the one we were photographing is going to play a part in the next Moon missions! Not bad for little old Kernow….

Again thank you to Cornwall Erecting services for letting us come down and get such a unique opportunity!

Check out some of the shots below.