Delving back into editorial.

Since Mos & Maw started, we knew it was going to be a commercially led photography company. We focus on weddings and love shooting them but for both of us, our roots are in creative imagery. Thats not to say we don’t apply this in our weddings, but there’s a sense of freedom when creating something new and artistic.

I (Emma) haven’t shot anything personally creative in a very long time. I left my degree having set up Mos & Maw as a business and from there on have been focusing heavily on building a working portfolio.

One of my New Years resolutions is to make more time to shoot personal work. Connect with other creatives, set personal projects and experiment with my mediums. Thinking about this, I decided to delve into the deep dark depths of my hard drives to see what editorial work I could find.

One shoot that has always stuck with me was a bridal collaboration between myself, Amy Pike MUA and Libby Angrove, model. We set up a ‘barefoot bride’ scene in the middle of a wet muddy field and all worked our magic. Amy and Libby were amazing, working effortlessly to create something new. It was cold and misty and windy but everyone kept high spirits and the results were wonderful.

We did this shoot over a year ago, so naturally my editing has changed since then. This was one of my first ever editorials and since then I have become much more comfortable with my photographic style. So, as a little creative nudge to any photographers or artists feeling the same way as me, here are a few of my favourite images I have re-edited.