Praa on the Pump.

I love surfing. Admittedly i’m not the best surfer, but I have fun. I was drawn to surf photography throughout my time at University. I had lots of mates in the surf community both locally and on the course. I never really gave it a proper go, until I one my old work colleagues said I should come shoot sometime. So I did.

I actually found out surf photography is very similar to Dance photography, I know that sounds strange but wait, hear me out. When I first started doing surf photography I had done a lot of client work with dancers, so had some experience in capturing movement. Both situations require capturing movement, and tracking the subject. Unlike wildlife photography the subject is human (most of the time), so understanding the positioning of what captures well is essential. If you have a competent surfer in the line up who looks comfortable on the wave, it is going to make for banging photographs. On the other hand, if you have someone (like me) standing feet together and bolt upright like a pencil, the shots aren’t going to have the same WOW factor. Which is exactly the same with dance. If you have someone who really can’t dance, you’re not going to be getting ‘the shot’ compared to a professional who knows what they are doing.

So a small tip if you fancy taking some surf shots. Shoot people who know what they are doing/and or are your friends. You can be honest with your mates and tell them what they are doing wrong ( I’m not saying I am an expert ) but hearing feedback can only help them get better and you better shots, so it ends up being beneficial for everyone. On the flipside, don’t tell professional surfer how to to surf. You’d wouldn’t come off great, say what is working and what isn’t and suggest ways to get THAT shot.

Praa 1st February 2019.

Barney @barneywheeler is a good mate of mine and is ALWAYS super stoked (especially when he gets barrelled when know one was around to see it happen, but we will let him claim it) We’ve had quite a few failed attempts at getting decent surf shots, as whenever we seem to go the forecast is nothing like the reality (standard right?) We’ve had a few epic shoots too mind, Porthtowan in 2016 and Fistral late 2018 stick in mind as favourites. But we finally got Praa on a GOOD day. We also bumped into Sam Westlake @sam_westlake which is always a delight. It was the best I have ever seen at Praa, with some absolutely buttery light. It’s all well and good having the waves, but naff light to shoot them is absolute pants. It was also nice to shoot down on this coast that wasn’t an overcrowded reef break, which I know from pictures was pumping too. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that place, as it is a stunningly wave. Just nice to shoot somewhere different ya know?

Big thanks to Will Smith @willsmith12 (not the Prince of Bel Air) for driving us there too

Check out my shots below. Now I just need the right conditions for the drone…

Wedding Package SALE.

January has a reputation for being a bit naff. The excitement of Christmas and the new year has gone, the weather is bleek and everyone and their dog seems to have a cold. Our expectations for the month weren’t the highest. But, much to our surprise we had more work than expected. With brands and companies embracing the new year and wanting fresh updated imagery, we have had our fair share of business content shoots to keep us busy.

February however is looking even less exciting. There is no new year buzz, no enthusiasm for new years resolutions and quiet frankly the weather is looking worse than January. Even the January sales have ended.

We’ve decided its time to do something to make February a little more enjoyable. Nothing gets the mood heightened like a good bargain, and so with this in mind we have dramatically reduced our wedding package for a limited time.

Our prices were good anyway, with two photographers shooting both film and digital. But if you weren’t impressed before, you will be now. All three packages have almost halved in price. Making everything well under the thousand pound mark you so often see single working photographers exceeding.

As of today, if you choose us to document your wedding day, regardless what package you choose, you will receive;

Two photographers. A male (Jack) and a female (Emma) point of view. One photographer to follow the bride and one to follow the groom. No one has to miss out on beautiful getting ready photos. There is no deciding on what shots to prioritise, because the likely hood is we can capture them all. Two sets of eyes on any event will capture a more true to life documentation than one. All packages include a USB with edited digital photographs, (all provided in both colour and black and white) along with a selection of our favourite images as 5x7 prints. Package two & three offer a Polaroid and 35mm Film extra that allows us to capture your day in a unique and romantic day, using traditional photography techniques. Our packages are designed to be unique and personal to your individual needs.

The Tin Package

Was £800 NOW £375

The Tin package is our simplest. For couples that only want the ceremony documented with the freedom to party the rest of the day away, this package offers photography during the ceremony, with the added bonus of a small selection of group photos and a 20 minute couples session.

The Copper Package

Was £1250 NOW £650

The Copper package gives you our undevided attention from your ceremony to your first dance. This package is perfect for couples that want all the main events of the day documented. This also includes up to 10 original polaroid prints created in the moment as your wedding day takes place.

The Diamond Package

Was £1500 NOW £900

Couples that decide to go with our diamond package will have every detail and moment from their day captured. Jack will follow the groom and Emma will follow the bride as they get ready and prepare for the ceremony. All main events including first looks, first kiss, cake cutting & first dance will be documented from two points of view. Capturing both the moments between bride and groom and the reactions of family and friends. This package will keep us with you until the dance floor is full. We also provide up to 20 original polaroid prints plus a roll of 35mm film for that added authentic touch.

Goonhilly and Cherry Pickers.

We had the very unique opportunity to head down to Goonhilly Satellite station down near Helston and get an inside look of the work that goes behind the scenes.

Cornwall Erecting Services ( invited us to capture their restoration work on one of the satellites.

Emma was initially asked if she wanted this opportunity, however, Emma’s not the biggest fan of heights. So when being hauled up 200ft on a cherry picker was mentioned she had to politely decline… I (Jack) kinda love heights and was pretty excited to be given this platform (literally) to get up close to the satellites.

Shooting on the ground initially to encapsulate the sense of scale we were hollered at by what tunes out to be the manager saying;

“OI EXCUSE ME!, CAN YOU PLEASE GET OUT OF THERE” We had forgotten to bring our high vis ( a trick my old lecturer taught us. If you pop on a high vis, and look like you know what you’re doing, no body will question you). We obviously had permission and didn’t need the high vis, but any students looking to photograph areas difficult to get access to… theres a trick of the trade!

Anyway, once we explained that we were with Cornwall Erecting Services he couldn’t have been nicer and more apologetic. He explained to us what the next few years have in store for Goonhilly. He told us that one of the others is going to be the first privately owned deep space telescope, whilst the one we were photographing is going to play a part in the next Moon missions! Not bad for little old Kernow….

Again thank you to Cornwall Erecting services for letting us come down and get such a unique opportunity!

Check out some of the shots below.

Expensive Camera & Cheap film.

Its not every day you get your hands on a Hasselblad XPan II. A friend of mine wanted to meet up and just shoot. No agenda or goals. Just get out and take some photographs.

Ollee (my talented photographer friend @olleeolleeollee ) gave me a list of all the cameras I could shoot with (he owns a few) Leicm M3, Pentax 6x7 , Yashica t4 but one stood out. The Xpan. I couldn’t decide which i wanted to shoot so Ollee just said “I’m bringing the Xpan”.

Hasselblad Xpan (iPhone 8 Plus)

Hasselblad Xpan (iPhone 8 Plus)

The XPan is an extremely unique camera, providing the advantages of the 35mm format but also the ability to swiftly change to full panorama format without having to change the film. It was the first dual-format 35mm camera on the market that expanded the format instead of masking it, making sure that every exposure utilized the full area of the film.

What struck me is the ease of use with this camera. It is definitely one of the easiest film cameras i’ve ever used. You just pop the film in the back of the camera, pull it over slightly and then camera rolls it on for you. The lens is gloriously sharp and the metering is AMAZING. Ollee said in all the years he’s never had a bad shot and I can see why. I think the hardest part about using it is shooting with the panoramic frame in mind. Composing images in this way to make them dynamic and interesting is definitely a challenge, Especially when you are so used to the standard format. I think the best way i can describe how i felt shooting with it is to imagine you’re capturing a frame from a film. It has a cinematic feel to it that no other camera I’ve used comes close to replicating.

The fact you don’t have to worry about this camera when you’re shooting just makes it such a pleasure to use, if you ever get a chance to shoot one (you probably won’t be able to buy one after the insane inflation in price) so knick one from someone and enjoy.

Hasselblad Xpan II + Agfa Vista 200 and Kentmere 400

Delving back into editorial.

Since Mos & Maw started, we knew it was going to be a commercially led photography company. We focus on weddings and love shooting them but for both of us, our roots are in creative imagery. Thats not to say we don’t apply this in our weddings, but there’s a sense of freedom when creating something new and artistic.

I (Emma) haven’t shot anything personally creative in a very long time. I left my degree having set up Mos & Maw as a business and from there on have been focusing heavily on building a working portfolio.

One of my New Years resolutions is to make more time to shoot personal work. Connect with other creatives, set personal projects and experiment with my mediums. Thinking about this, I decided to delve into the deep dark depths of my hard drives to see what editorial work I could find.

One shoot that has always stuck with me was a bridal collaboration between myself, Amy Pike MUA and Libby Angrove, model. We set up a ‘barefoot bride’ scene in the middle of a wet muddy field and all worked our magic. Amy and Libby were amazing, working effortlessly to create something new. It was cold and misty and windy but everyone kept high spirits and the results were wonderful.

We did this shoot over a year ago, so naturally my editing has changed since then. This was one of my first ever editorials and since then I have become much more comfortable with my photographic style. So, as a little creative nudge to any photographers or artists feeling the same way as me, here are a few of my favourite images I have re-edited.

Kynance to Lizard and back again.

The tip of Cornwall I think is one of the most beautiful spots in the county. My old friend Alex had decided to pop down to visit and he suggested this walk just before I was going to suggest it. The Kynance to Lizard walk is a pretty stunning 2 mile coast path with some of the best views in the country. It’s also SOOO much nicer at this time of year as there’s hardly any emmets (tourists). If you’ve never been down this way do yourself a favour and do this walk, its definitely one of my favourites.

At lizard point we happened by the guy with the key to the old lifeboat station and he was kind enough to let us have a look. Turns out now it’s a communal fishing shed for the whole village and I’m honest never thought I’d see inside it. But January 2019 has changed that. Shot a few frames on film so excited to see them beauties...

Engagement Session. Tom & Mica.

As the new year is settling into place and work life resumes back to normality, we are beginning to think about what direction we want Mos & Maw to be heading in. 2018 was a year of development and design for our new brand and we know 2019 is going to be the year we take off. One thing we have been thinking about is our packages. It’s a tricky thing trying to decide on things like pricing and hourly rates, especially as a new business but we think we finally have it down to a T (take a look at our packages page if you’re feeling nosey).

One thing that has become obvious to us, is that an engagement shoot prior to the wedding is almost essential. The way we work requires a relationship and bond between us and our couples and being able to shoot them at least once before their big day can make a huge difference to their confidence in front of the camera!

This was something we tried and tested on Tom & Mica, a now husband and wife that tied the knot in November last year. Tom knew he would hate having his photo taken and Mica wanted to scout their venue location for shots on the wedding day. We wrapped up, packed some sparklers and walked down onto Carbis Bay beach. The time of year meant the beach was almost entirely ours and we were able to wonder around and shoot as we pleased. Mica showed me the cave she knew she wants portraits taken in on the big day and her and Tom shared a moment there will we quietly photographed them and their surroundings.

Once we’d got some really romantic shots and practiced being in front of the camera, we walked around laughing and talking about the final day. Hearing stories about how they met, their traditions and plans we casually snapped away at the two of them. It felt very natural and really special to be able to quietly capture the obvious excitement and love they have for each other!

Finally we got out the sparklers. They both knew a sparkler photo would be really special on the day so we practiced some shots with just the two of them, and god it was so worth it! Not only did the practice photos turn out lovely, but the final shots on the day were amazing!

Overall we can’t wait to do more couple and engagement shoots like this in the coming year. Wether it’s something they decide to book themselves as a way of having images to keep forever, or as a gift from someone wanting to give them quality time, it’s always a very special way to spend a few hours.